Sustainable family-run lodge that's a home from home

Responsible tourism

Balaba Nature Camp is a family-run business employing local people. Lamin is concerned to ensure that the impact on the local environment is minimal and in keeping with the local way of life, hence the use of solar power and water from the well. Where possible, food and other goods are sourced locally, enabling the local rural economy (often subsistence farming) to be supported. Lamin is also actively involved in conserving the local habitat, working with those around him to tackle issues such as deforestation. The accommodation and ethos of Balaba is deliberately aimed at the independent traveller who is looking for something a bit ‘different’.

If you are concerned about responsible tourism, and making a contribution to local life, Balaba provides the ideal opportunity for you to experience the ‘Smiling Coast’ of Africa in an exciting and enjoyable way. A stay here will give you genuine taste of Gambian life and a greater understanding of the the local culture, as well as benefiting the local economy.

Our home-grown onions

Our home-grown onions


Our friendly flock of chickens

Hut painting

One of our hut paintings

Sun squirrel

A sun squirrel – look out for our unusual albino squirrel!

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