We are delighted to have a pair of Western Bluebills visiting regularly. These birds are described as ‘elusive’ and are not commonly seen outside the Abuko Nature Reserve, so we are pleased to have them.

Western Bluebill

The Gambia is world renowned for the rich abundance of wildlife which can be found there, in particular its bird life. Over 100 species of bird have been spotted from within the camp, and many more can be found in the surrounding woodland, local beach and on the nearby river.

Our bird hide

Our bird hide overlooks a bird pool next to the unspoiled forest. We have many birds visiting regularly, including some shyer species, and because we are close to the border with Senegal,  we have some species generally only seen in the Casamance Forest. We’ve expanded our bird hide for 2019 so you can see the birds even more clearly.

We charge €40 (£35 / D2,250 ) per day for use of the hide for 1-2 people, then €20 (£17 / D1,125) per person after that up to a maximum of 6.  If you’d like to visit the hide for the day, we can arrange transfers from your hotel. Toilets are available and we can provide cold drinks and meals at a small additional cost. Why not combine your visit with a trip to the local river at Berending?

Lamin is a keen and knowledgeable birdwatcher, and is credited in the field guide ‘Birds of the Gambia and Senegal’ (Clive Barlow & Tim Wacher). We are very happy to arrange birdwatching walks and trips locally, as well as further afield.

Violet turaco

Lizard buzzard

African red-bellied paradise flycatcher

White-crowned robinchat

Beautiful sunbird

African Harrier Hawk

African Harrier Hawk

Blue-bellied Roller

Blue-bellied Roller